Saturday, June 9, 2007


“What we get from this adventure is just sheer joy. And joy is, after all, the end of life. We do not live to eat and make money. We eat and make money to be able to enjoy life. That is what life means and what life is for.”
George Mallory

Green River through Canyonlands National Park and Labyrinth Canyon
Begins: August 31, 2012
Ends: September 10th, 2012

This 120-mile section of the Green River is one of the most spectacular flat-water paddles in the country. Mile after mile of ever deepening canyons brimming with yellows, reds, greys and whites. The area was first explored by John Wesley Powell in the late 1800's. The area is rich in geologic as well as historical sites to visit. In many spots the canyon walls will rise above the water to over a 1000 feet.
Our group will start in the town of Green River, Utah. The first twenty miles is mainly Summerville Formation and Manco's Shale. Our first major observation will be the Crystal Geyser, which is a cold water geyser which erupts about 30 feet high. Its frequency is very unpredictable. The historic site of Dellenbaugh Butte will rise above the river within the first day of paddling. Named by John W. Powell for a member of his exploration party.
As the river cuts deeper into the canyons, the more geologic wonders appear. Entrada and Navaho Sandstone with its red and orange colors will make you wish you had brought more film for your camera.
Entering Labyrinth and Still Water Canyons you will begin to feel how small a person you really are. The Chinle and Moenkopi Rock formations will rise 1000 feet over the river like giant buildings in a large city. But only solitude and the occasional canyon wren will be heard.

Another highlight will be climbing up to Bowknot Bend where the river makes a complete loop coming back to a point where it is only a few hundred yards where it passed some seven miles back upstream. The view from the "Post Office" Register will give us a good view of how the river cut though the rock over the last millions of years.
Our group will also encounter the remains of the past. Looking carefully we will see the ruins of the Anasazi Indians who once inhabited this land some 700 -1500 years ago only to disappear without a trace. Looking high on the canyon walls and we will see their food grainerys and storage walls where they kept there food supply.
A short hike up Hell Roaring Canyon and we’ll find the inscription of trapper Denis Julien who passed though here etching his name and the date of "1836 3 Mai" along with a sun and boat on the canyon wall.
On our last day on the river we will reach the confluence of the Green and the Colorado Rivers. I have arranged for a jet boat to pick us and our boats up. This boat will take us up the Colorado River to Moab. After a week on the water it will be time to hit the Brew Pubs. We will again stay at the Bowen motel. Our shuttle will depart at 7am. on the 10th. We should arrive at the airport by noon.

Belknap’s Revised Waterproof Canyonlands River Guide. $15.

Collapse, by Jarred Diamond

Down the river, by Edward Abbey

Down the Great Unknown: John Wesley Powell's 1869 Journey of Discovery and Tragedy Through the Grand Canyon. By Edward Dolnick

Additional Information

Our van picks everyone up at The Salt Lake City International Airport at 1pm on the 31st. The van will return to the airport at noon on the 10th.
*We are limiting the group size to 10 clients and two guides. We believe this will add to the wilderness experience.
*As of now we have canoes rented. If you would like a kayak instead it will cost an additional $150. Please let me know before the trip.
*Space is limited, pack light, think small, and know that you will be carrying 3-5 gallons of water in your boat. (Canoes rock!)
*Hotel rooms have a queen size bed or two queen beds. Let me know which you prefer.
*Federal law requires us to use groovers (chemical toilets) they are nasty however; the guides carry them in their boats.
*Utah beer tastes great, however; it contains less alcohol than grape kool aid. If you want the guides to bring a few six’s of full strength beer let me know in advance. If you’re a spirits drinker make sure to bring from home. Utah law makes it difficult to obtain spirits.

 The price of this trip only covers our expenses: lodging, agency fees, all permits, meals on the river, shuttle to and from Salt Lake City and Moab, boat rental, shuttle to put in, jet boat ride from the confluence to Moab, guides, and about all the fun one can handle.


Small day pack or fanny pack
First Aid kit
Duct Tape
Pain reliever
Personal medical supplies (Prescriptions, inhaler, antibiotics, etc.)
Water bottles
Flashlight or head lamp
Spare batteries
Prescription Glasses/Contact lenses and supplies
Spare tent stakes
Ground Cloth
Sleeping Bag (Temperature appropriate)
Camp pillow or stuff bag to fill with clothing to serve as pillow
Sleeping pad
Waterproof stuff bag for sleeping bag
Waterproof stuff sacks (For clothing and other gear)
Equipment repair supplies
Leatherman™ or Multi™ tool
Knife, fork, spoon
Knife (Swiss Army™ or good a folding model)
Feminine hygiene products
Toilet paper
Hair brush/comb
Biodegradable soap
Antibacterial gel
Pack towel/wash rag
Moist towelettes
Water shoes or sandals
Brimmed Hat
Mosquito head net
Raingear - waterproof/breathable jacket
Fleece or wool shirt or sweater
Light weight camping pants
Swim suit
Long Sleeve shirt - light weight (Great for sun protection)
Gloves (For paddling and warmth)
Sun Screen
Sunburn Cream
Insect repellant
Lip Balm

Optional Stuff (but nice)
Candle Lantern/candles
Journal and pen
Playing Cards
Camera and film
Waterproof Camera Bag
Fishing Gear
Favorite beverage
Guide books
Snorkeling gear
To reserve a spot contact Greg Pflug 407.924.3375 a $450 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a spot. Mail checks to Greg Pflug 2906 East Marks Street Orlando, FL 32803 the remaining balance is due by August 1,2012